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About Us

The Menachem foundation is a faith-based Non Governmental Organization (NGO) duly registered in nigeria with the corporate affairs commission (RC:152681). we are committed to spreading the good news of the gospel of jesus christ by supporting missionaries, ministries and organizations that preach and minister the same in word and deed, spiritually, financially and technically. we focus on providing the required resources for these ministries so they can focus on the main thing – spreading the gospel.

JESUS required supporters and people with some skill to complete the assignment (Luke 8:1-3, Mark 15:43, John 19:39-40).

Our Mission

No two days are the same here

To serve as a support (spiritually, financially, and technically) to missionaries, ministries and organizations (MMOs) that preach and minister the gospel of Christ in word and deed.

To provide a platform that links MMOs with givers and supporters of the Gospel.

To participate in activities that help people understand the realities of preaching and ministering the gospel of Christ.

Our Vision
“ To be an important source of comfort and support to the ministry of the gospel for generations to come and herald the coming of our Lord”
Core Values
Faith - We believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Core Values
Life - We believe in the sanctity of Human Life
Core Values
Integrity - We handle entrustment with integrity

“only 2% of local church income is going towards “preaching the gospel to every nation” and helping the “poorest of the poor” combined.” ~The Travelling Team

Great Staff

Our Carers

Our carers love what they do, and that's what makes them so special.

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